[latest remote job |] Duet, Inc.: Senior Software Engineer

Duet, Inc.: Senior Software Engineer

Headquarters: Miami, FL

URL: https://www.duetdisplay.com

What You’ll Do
  • Work closely with the CEO, CTO, and Engineering Team to develop new features and products
  • Ship to customers around the world
  • Help individuals, teams, and companies work more effectively while remote
  • Work across technologies, but with a focus on either macOS, Windows, or our Backend Engineering
  • Take ownership for building, shipping, and maintaining features on at least one of our products
  • Help improve the reliability, performance, and user experience of our product
  • Develop and architect solutions for the long term, including ensuring our software is well designed and easy to understand and build upon
  • Communicate and author architectural designs and requirements
What We Are Looking For
  • Driven, ambitious, and excited to learn new things
  • Takes responsibility and ownership, and can work across a complex codebase
  • Can learn quickly and get things done
  • Has shipped apps with hundreds of thousands of customers
  • Can solve complex engineering tasks
  • Comfortable writing clean, organized code with an eye for performance optimization
  • Engineer who takes responsibility and fixes problems
  • Ability to work with a small team, and ship features quickly
  • Strong product & design sense to help ensure the product is a delightful experience
  • Deep understanding of at least one of the platforms we work on
  • Very strong debugging skills to help identify and fix difficult user issues
  • Strive for perfection, and fixing the little issues with a product experience
  • Great to have experience with high performance code bases (i.e. real time video, games, etc.)
  • Interested in the customer experience and problem we are solving

There are several teams at Duet, so you should have experience in at least one set of technologies:
  • Windows Engineering Team: C++
  • Apple Engineering Team: Objective-C/Swift (and some C/C++)
  • Backend Engineering Team: Go (and nice to have webRTC)

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/duet-inc-senior-software-engineer-11

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